Kwon Mina’s Agency Reveals Why She Declined A Police Investigation Into Her Bullying Allegations Against AOA

Her agency made a statement.

Kwon Mina, a former member of AOA, had revealed that she was bullied by Shin Jimin during her time with the group. As the allegations continued to grow, Mina’s current agency had revealed that she doesn’t want a formal police investigation into the matter.

Netizens began to question why she wouldn’t want legal justice for her sufferings, so her agency spoke up on her behalf once again. They clarified that Mina doesn’t want to continue growing the scandal any further, so they will not be pursuing any other response to the matter.

We declined a formal police investigation because we didn’t want the situation to continue growing. We don’t plan on responding in any other way.

— We Actors Entertainment

They once again explained that Mina has stepped away from Instagram by closing her account and is currently focusing on recuperating her health through treatments.

Her last post reflected the same sentiment as she accepted FNC Entertainment CEO’s apology and expressed her regret in the situation.

Many people have been worried and supporting me, but I’m sorry to have disappointed you once again.. To everyone who was harmed because of me.. And to everyone who may have been shocked by my photos, I apologize once again..

I heard that the day when I couldn’t wake up, the former FNC family members had stayed by my side all night.. And I met CEO Han Sung Ho today. I really loved FNC and AOA.. I was very sad and upset that I had to quit AOA because of this issue.. While listening to Mr. Han, I felt his sincerity.. I just really regret that it had come this far..

I’m very sorry to the fans who worry about me, my peers, family.. and the AOA fans who are facing a difficult time because of me..

I will reflect and work on receiving my treatments well so that this doesn’t happen again.. I’m so sorry..

— Kwon Mina

Source: Hankook Ilbo

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