Lee Je Hoon And ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Unexpectedly Go Viral Together After A Wedding Guest’s Hilarious Instagram Caption

Some want to pull a Seo In Guk…

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo recently strolled up to actors Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In‘s wedding and was dubbed with the nickname of being Lee Seung Gi’s “most inconvenient guest” for “stealing the spotlight from the actual stars of the wedding!

Who could blame them, seeing how gorgeous he looked?

Cha Eunwoo at the wedding.

Cha Eunwoo went viral on Twitter a few days after the ceremony, with 2.3 million views on his wedding guest look. The caption referred to his nickname of “Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s inconvenient wedding guest.

On April 10, another “inconvenient wedding guest” popped up with actor Lee Je Hoon helming it. Lee Je Hoon had recently gone to MC at a wedding but ended up stealing the limelight.

Perhaps that wasn’t all he stole, for a wedding guest captioned a photo of him and the newly-married couple with the most hilarious sentence.

Lee Je Hoon and the married couple. | via Twitter

Lee Je Hoon, who was the MC, is super f*cking handsome. [Bride’s name], you’re linking arms with the wrong man…

— Wedding guest

The bride was holding onto Lee Je Hoon like he was her groom — and who could blame her?

Lee Je Hoon and the married couple. | via Twitter

A tweet with the photos soon went viral with over a million views. Given that it was only a few days since Cha Eunwoo went viral for the same reason, the tweet related it to him.

I want to invite Cha Eunwoo to my wedding and do this.

— @moodukie

The tweet was a whole mood! He couldn’t stop even the fanboys.

I want to invite Cha Eunwoo to my wedding and be the groom.

— @my_siballife_likedog

They even made a reference to the viral music video from K.Will starring Seo In Guk.

And just like in K.Will’s music video, I will cut the photo like Seo In Guk.

— @amumalgirl

You can watch the iconic music video below to get what they mean. In the music video, they take a wedding photo as a trio of best friends, but one of them gets cut out in the end.

Perhaps they shouldn’t be nicknamed “the inconvenient wedding guests” but the ones the bride wants to steal instead!


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