LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Almost Won A Best Actress Award In America—And There’s One Way It Would Have Changed Her Life

She thinks so herself!

In an episode of Leemujin Service, Yunjin opened up about her past in America, why she thinks another musical genre suits her better than LE SSERAFIM‘s, and how she started singing opera.

Yunjin in “Phantom Of The Opera”

While on that topic, she revealed that she was cast to play Carlotta in Phantom Of The Opera after auditioning for the musical at her school.

It was my first musical show. I auditioned for the musical show at my school, and I was selected for the role Carlotta,” she said.

Moreover, she and her fellow cast mates even won a competition in their region!

After performing the musical, we were nominated for the competition in our region, and that video is me performing during that competition.

— Yunjin

Yunjin was so good, she was also nominated for Best Actress. “I heard that you were nominated for the Best Actress Award,” Lee Mujin noted, and the “ANTIFRAGILE” singer confirmed it.

She went on to explain that her life would have changed if she received the award. According to Yunjin, all the winners who receive it are invited to Broadway to attend a workshop and meet other actors.

In other words, she may have become a musical actress instead of a K-Pop idol!

If you receive that award, you go to broadway to do a workshop and meet the actors there.

— Yunjin

In the same episode, Yunjin confessed that another musical genre suits her better than LE SSERAFIM’s style. Learn what it is here:

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Source: YouTube


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