Lee Kwang Soo’s Mom Gives Him The Most Heartwarming Surprise On His Last Day Of Filming “Running Man”

So sweet!

Lee Kwang Soo is closing up his 11-year stay as a fixed cast member of SBS‘s Running Man today.

The owner of a celebrations shop, BonBon Bubble, took to Instagram to share a touching story related to his departure from the show.

Bon Bon Bubble | @bonbonbubble_/Instagram

When a customer called to request for a personalized balloon, the owner was surprised at the older-than-usual age of the recipient.

Owner: Yes hello.
Customer: Hello I would like make a balloon for my son.
Owner: Ok how old is your son? (thinking that it would be a young child)
Client: 37.
Owner: (a bit shocked but thought that the mother was really cool)

The second surprise of the day was when the owner found out who this son was—Lee Kwang Soo! Heartwarmingly, his mother wanted to make his last day on the job a positive one.

Lee Kwang Soo (Left) | @SBS Running Man 런닝맨/Twitter

Owner: Ah yes yes~ what happy event are you celebrating?
Client: He is quitting his job~
Owner: Ah so is this to congratulate him changing jobs?
Client: No…ah I don’t know if I should say this but I am ‘Running Man’ Lee Kwang Soo’s mother. Kwang Soo is leaving the show.

Bon Bon Bubble’s owner revealed to her that she was actually his schoolmate in the past, something his mother found pleasantly surprising.

Owner: Ah! He was my school’s senior. I saw him a lot at school.
Client: Wow really~~~

Rather than the fact that Lee Kwang Soo was the person receiving her creations, it was his mother’s intentions that made the order a memorable one for her. It was touching how she went out of her way to cheer up her son and be present for him somehow on his last day of filming.

‘You did well, son!’ These words truly express a mothers’ true heart. A surprise present for her son! Isn’t this so cool? Thank you for being with ‘Running Man’ these past 11 years. I will support Lee Kwang Soo, whose days will shine even more in the future.

— Owner of Bon Bon Bubble

She couldn’t help but say, “As Bonbonbubble’s owner I am just in shock. Thank you so much for placing an order.”

Bon Bon Bubble | @bonbonbubble_/Instagram

On April 26, Lee Kwang Soo revealed that he would be leaving Running Man after 11 years on the show. His agency, KINGKONG by STARSHIP, shared in an official statement that his last shoot will be held on May 24, 2021 KST.


This is not the first time the public was treated to the sweet mother-son bond of Lee Kwangsoo and his mother. In 2017, she shared an embarrassing but touching letter about her love for him.

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