Lee Seung Gi And Han Ye Seul Left Their Agencies And Then Their Dating News Went Public — What Happened?

The answer may be simpler than you think.

What do Han Ye Seul and Lee Seung Gi have in common? The two actors recently left their agencies and not too long after, they made both headlines for surprising reasons.

Lee Seung Gi | Hook Entertainment

Han Ye Seul and Lee Seung Gi both recently made the decisions to not renew their contracts with their respective agencies. Han Ye Seul parted ways with her label Partners Park after 3 years with the company, becoming a free agent. Similarly, Lee Seung Gi decided to end his partnership with Hook Entertainment after 17 years together and create his own one-man agency. While these news should bear excitement as both actors begin a new chapter, sudden and potentially shocking news began making headlines for each actor following their departures.

Han Ye Seul | E! Online

On April 19, Han Ye Seul’s decision to become a free agent became public news, creating curiosity about her next steps. About a month later, in a shocking post, the actress publicly revealed her non-celebrity boyfriend through her Instagram account. However, in a strange turn of events, Han Ye Seul began making headlines for rumors that suggested her boyfriend was a male escort just a couple of weeks following her announcement.

Han Ye Seul and her boyfriend | @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

It all began when a YouTuber Kim Yong Ho created a video that discussed Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend’s “true” identity. He alleged that the actress’s boyfriend was a male escort in the past. While Kim Yong Ho failed to provide actual evidence as proof, the rumor spread like wildfire, making headlines on major news sites. Rumors about the actress herself also began to circulate as reports were made about her potential link to the Burning Sun Scandal.

Kim Yong Ho (left) talking about Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend | YouTube

While it didn’t take long for Han Ye Seul to slam Kim Yong Ho’s rumors, she took to her personal social media accounts to express her suspicions that Kim Yong Ho may have a close relationship with someone from her former agency.

Now, why would a top actress like Han Ye Seul personally reveal her relationship status to the nation and endure such false allegations? According to a recent report made by Sports World, the reason may have to do with her former agency Partners Park.

| Seoul Newspaper

Sports World made speculations that Han Ye Seul made her relationship public when she caught on that Partners Park may leak the information after she departs from the company.

Han Ye Seul personally revealed her boyfriend’s identity. It is rare for a celebrity to publicly share that they are in a relationship. If you look closely, however, there is a reason behind her reveal.

Her exclusive contract with Partners Park expired at the end of June and she knew that. Usually, celebrities leave their agencies due to differences in opinions. There are instances where a celebrity’s secret will be ‘leaked’ following the failure of a contract renewal. It seems like Han Ye Seul knew this so she took matters into her own hands.

— Sports World

| @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

Sports World also took their theories and applied them in the case of actor Lee Seung Gi. On May 24, Lee Seung Gi’s dating news with actress Lee Da In became breaking news all over the nation. The newly confirmed couple became the talk of the town, as Dispatch photos of their car dates began to circulate on dozens of media sites. Lee Da In also garnered even more attention because she is the daughter of veteran actress Gyun Mi Ri.

| tvN

According to Sports World and their speculations, Lee Seung Gi’s sudden dating news broke just days after it was made known that he decided to leave Hook Entertainment. Lee Seung Gi had been with Hook Entertainment for 17 years before making the difficult decision to part ways with the company. The actor established his one-man agency following his departure from his former label, and all was well until his dating news became public.

Similar to Han Ye Seul, reports made by Sports World allege that Lee Seung Gi’s dating news was leaked by Hook Entertainment following his departure.

| Hankyung

Sports World concluded their reports by sharing that while they believe an agency’s duty is to protect their artists until the very end, this may not be the case for many companies in South Korea.

One of the many roles of an agency is to protect their artists’ privacies. However, once an artist leaves the company, they are no longer the label’s responsibility. Instead of continuing to shield their former artists and their private matters, they wield these types of news like weapons.

When the time for contract renewals come, companies can use these ‘weapons’ as threats to coerce their artists into resigning with them. There is no such thing as a ‘beautiful goodbye,’ especially within the entertainment industry.

— Sports World

Source: Sports World

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