LM Entertainment Claims Kang Daniel Is Lying About Why He Needs His Contract Terminated

They claim he is lying.

LM Entertainment has released their statement through their legal counsel regarding the injunction Kang Daniel filed last week to suspend his contract.

In their statement, they stated that Kang Daniel had made requests to modify his contract before it even began. They also claim he sent false information, and lied about why he wanted to terminate his contract.

Hello. This is lawyer Kim Moon Hee from the legal firm Ji Pyeong, representing Kang Daniel’s agency LM Entertainment.

Below, we will convey the official position of LM Entertainment in regards to the injunction Kang Daniel applied for, to suspend his exclusive contract.

The exclusive contract between LM Entertainment and Kang Daniel is a normal contract, using the standard exclusive contract terms provided by the Fair Trade Commission. LM Entertainment has fulfilled its obligations, such as providing the contract deposit money [to Kang Daniel]. Even still, he requested a change to the contract through Mr. Sul with no specific demands. He just vaguely said the contract was not reasonable. He then held 4 meetings with Chairman Won, who considered himself a mediator, before sending us his request to cancel his contract through several lawyers, citing false information such ‘Kang Daniel did not receive his contract deposit money.’

— LM Entertainment

LM Entertainment went on to state how they have been trying to improve the relations between the artist and the agency, but Kang Daniel has failed to cooperate.

As part of our efforts for mutual consultation, LM Entertainment has continued to make the effort to resolve the misunderstandings with Kang Daniel’s side, and refrained from taking immediate action against him. We have had several consultations with his representatives, and attempted to reach a mutual compromise.

However, Kang Daniel has changed his representatives several times, which has also altered his position in the situation. In the end, he applied for a contract injunction, ignoring all of the consultations that were held.

As a result, we are now in a position where we have to carefully review the application for injunction and take legal action.

Although LM Entertainment began preparation for Kang Daniel’s solo promotions as soon as the contract period began, we apologize to both the fans and the public for having to deliver such news.

Even though we have no choice but to take part in this legal battle, LM Entertainment will continue to make the effort to try and restore trust with Kang Daniel, and reach a smooth conclusion, allowing him to participate in entertainment activities as soon as possible. Thank you.

— LM Entertainment

It was reported earlier today how Kang Daniel had cut off contact with all of his celebrity friends, including his former Wanna One members, due to his ongoing legal dispute. His solo debut, which was planned for April, has been postponed indefinitely due to this legal battle.

Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment