Lovelyz’s Seo Jisoo Apologizes For Her Words About Her Management Company On Live Stream

She explained why she said what she did.

It was previously reported that Lovelyz‘s Jisoo had spoken up against her management, Woollim Entertainment, regarding her group’s inactivity. She had vented on a live stream about her current situation, which has Lovelyz’s inactive for over a year in terms of albums and music.

We have done all we can. We have brought up our desires to release an album and other things. It’s not that we haven’t done anything. We don’t just sit there and remain silent. It’s our lives too so of course we said something.

We feel sorry for wasting so much time and we also feel sorry to all of you guys. We’re not just waiting around aimlessly and we want you all to know that.

— Lovelyz’s Jisoo on V Live

However, the next day, on October 13, 2021, she sent out an apology through Pocketdols. Pocketdols is an app similar to Lysn and Dear. U Bubble, where idols can communicate with fans either through public forum posts or private messages to paid subscribers.

She penned a heartfelt apology and explained that her words had been stimulated by a post she had seen where fans were frustrated about the girls’ inactivity. The post had questioned the intentions of the members.

I only sent it through secret mail (private messages to paid subscribers) at first… But after gaining some courage, I’m uploading it here too. I think there were some misunderstandings regarding my words from yesterday, where there were comments that were wondering if I was asking for an album to be released during a live stream or questioning if I have worked hard. So I’m giving a reply to that.

Prior to that, I had seen a post saying that the members did not show determination to release an album, and that we were just going around playing and I remember being so sad about it… I think that words are very easy to misunderstand. I know that our fans are always so curious but the words we can give you are always the same… Anyway, I didn’t want things to get bigger and I also would hate it if the other members are affected by this if similar things are being said about them…

I think I shouldn’t have had the live stream yesterday. My head had been hurting and I should’ve just gone to sleep. I’m sorry.

— Seo Jisoo


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Woollim Entertainment has not issued any official statement regarding the matter.