Ma Dong Seok Gets Swept Up In Another “#DebtToo” Controversy With Father, Promises To Take Responsibility

Ma Dong Seok has bowed his head in apology over this scandal.

Following the fraud scandals involving the parents of Mamamoo‘s Wheein, Microdot, Rain, and actress Cha Ye RyunMa Dong Seok‘s father’s fraud incident has come into light as well.

One news outlet reported that Ma Dong Seok’s father scammed someone they met during high school known as “A”. His father embezzled A’s retirement fund of 500 million KRW ($445, 692) as well as their house mortgage back in 2010.


Reportedly, Ma Dong Seok’s father told the victim things like “don’t trust your family in old age” and “if you leave this world, I will bring you to the temple (take care of you)” in order to gain their trust.


A’s nephews and/or nieces found out about the situation in 2016 and they sued Ma Dong Seok’s father who was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. The courts took his age into consideration and handed him a suspended sentence of four years probation.


Ma Dong Seok’s company TCO Entertainment released a statement regarding the scandal with their actor’s father.

“Hello, this is TCOent.

We would like to present our official stance on actor Ma Dong Suk, who became an issue today.

First of all, we would like to offer our apologies for worrying many people with unpleasant news.

Around 2010, his father meant to return money received in order to invest in a business but the amount of money that was supposed to be returned differentiated between the provider and the receiver so there was a trial regarding the matter and the trial was taken to the courts. We confirmed with Ma Dong Suk’s father’s lawyer and the sentence ruling that the amount the courts decided should be repaid, has been repaid in full.”

Regardless of the reason, actor Ma Dong Suk would like to bow their head in apology for worrying many people over an incident like this.

If there are any other issues, Ma Dong Suk (as a son) will do whatever is necessary to take full legal and moral responsibility for anyone who was harmed. Our company will do our best to peacefully resolve this as well.”

— TCO Entertainment

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