Here’s Why MBC’s Controversial New Survival Show “My Teenage Girl” Is Receiving Backlash Before It’s Even Begun

Netizens are growing very concerned.

With LOUD finishedGirls Planet 999 having just passed its halfway point, and Mnet and HYBE just announcing I-Land 2, it seems as survival show season is in full swing. With these more successful survival shows come smaller shows that will often go for more risky premises in hopes of being seen, which appears to be the case with MBC‘s upcoming My Teenage Girl.

Official poster for “My Teenage Girl” | MBC

The series has a simple goal, create a global girl group that can chart on the Billboard charts and comes from producer Han Dong Chul who has worked on such established survival shows as Produce 101, Show Me The Money, and Mixnine.

The oldest participants | @Teenage_girls11/Twitter

While this all seems like a mundane plan for a survival show, the issues begin with how the girls are set to be grouped. The show is planned like a school with the girls grouped by age. They will be designated as 1st year through 4th year, with 1st being the youngest and 4th being the oldest.

The youngest participants | @Teenage_girls11/Twitter

More concerns grow when the age range for each group is seen. Here is how it breaks down by international ages.

With a majority of the girls being below 17 in their international age, netizens are concerned about how they will be treated. Netizens’ fears were furthered when the first promotional photos for the show came out. The outfits may be appropriate for trainees in their late teens and early 20s…

Kim Hari, the oldest in the competition. | MBC

But the choices made for the youngest trainees are raising many eyebrows. The blue streetwear outfit, primarily composed of crop tops and other fitted items, has been a big concern since it was put on the 1st year trainees.

Yoon Seung Joo, the youngest of the participants. | MBC
Sung Minchae of the 1st Year Group | MBC

For the 2nd years, the girls were given an art school look, but the outfits were again composed of crop tops paired with short skirts and high boots.

Kim Riwon of the 2nd Year Group | MBC

3rd years was given a sporty look similar to the 2nd years’ look but with high socks instead of boots.

Jo Yeju of the 3rd Year Group | MBC

Finally, 4th years were given a punk rock look with fishnet tights and all. While this may be okay for some of the girls, even the members of this group who are still minors were put in this look.

Soobin Lee of the 4th Year Group | MBC

Netizens are very concerned about the direction this show intends to take and the sudden influx of incredibly young trainees on survival shows. This frustration hearkens back to some of the concerns about the 12-year-old PNATION trainee from LOUD, who is set to debut.

The show has already begun to air a prequel to the series on its YouTube channel, planning to begin the competition on November 28.

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