MBC Issues Official Apology For The Staff Member Grabbing And Pulling LOONA Chuu’s Hair

They released their official apology.

MBC has released a formal apology statement regarding the hair-pulling incident with LOONA‘s Chuu.

During the December 16 recording for the 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC), footage of a male staff member pulling Chuu by her hair was revealed.


Many viewers and fans criticized this action and the producers of the show posted an apology on their official website. But before the current statement was released, a post was published on the bulletin board of the show’s official website. The post was titled,


We apologize for pulling LOONA member Chuu’s hair.


Fans, however, soon noticed that the post was made by an anonymous user through a regular post rather than a staff member via an official announcement. Amidst suspicions of the sincerity, and subsequent suspicions of the authenticity of the post, MBC later confirmed that the post was made by an imposter, and then deleted the post.


The official statement that was released later read:


A situation of a staff member pulling LOONA Chuu’s hair was recorded during the show.
We have confirmed that the staff member tried calling her over for an interview by tapping her shoulder. But after no response, he ended up pulling her hair.
We will train our staff properly before heading to the recording for broadcasts.
We truly apologize to the LOONA members for pulling Chuu’s hair.


Fans are still angry about the incident, and feel that they’re now trying to turn the situation on Chuu for not paying attention instead.


LOONA recently celebrated their one-year anniversary by releasing a song for their fans titled “365”. The single and album cemented LOONA as the first and only K-Pop girl group to reach #1 on the U.S. iTunes single as well as their album charts upon its release.


You can watch the MV here: