ORBIT Are FURIOUS After 2020 ISAC Staff Was Spotted Grabbing and Pulling LOONA Chuu’s Hair

ORBIT are rightfully angry.

A video has gone viral on social media showing a staff member of the 2020 Seollal ISAC (Idol Star Athletic Championship) grabbing and pulling on the hair of LOONA‘s Chuu to try and get her attention for an interview.

In the video, the members of LOONA could be seen in a circle talking to one another when a male walks up behind Chuu, who is wearing a shirt with the number 10 on the back.

Instead of calling her, or the other group’s members by name, or even tapping her on the shoulder, the male staff member decided to pull on Chuu’s hair to get her attention. Fans noticed how Chuu leaned back when her hair was pulled, showing that there was definitely some force that was used by the male staff member.

ORBIT have started a hashtag #아육대_스태프_사과해, or ISAC_Staff_Apologize to try and reach MBC for an explanation for the incident.

They are also calling for his removal as a staff member, due to his poor conduct.

The incident has even taken to the top of the real-time Twitter trends in Korea.


Fans at the venue also reported that the same staff member was still walking around near LOONA following the hair-pulling incident.


Due to this series of events, ORBIT are understandably angry that such conduct would be done on their favorite group’s member.


While ORBIT try to make the issue known to the public and get a response, all they can do now is wait and hope for proper action taken by MBC.