A Very Meaningful Tribute To BTS J-Hope Has Been Opened In His Hometown

It shines a light on a very important issue.

J-Hope of BTS comes from Gwangju which is a city in the southwest of Korea. It is also the capital of the South Jeolla province.

He makes reference to his hometown in BTS’s song “Ma City”. His entire verse is well worth a listen as he highlights some social issues that exist in the region.

“I’m a South Jeolla Gwangju baby”
“I’m Gwangju’s Hoshik…”

An incredibly meaningful tribute has been made to J-Hope in his hometown.

A psychiatric clinic is due to open and it’s been named “Hope”. You may think this is a coincidence at first but it’s set to open on the 18th of February which is J-Hope’s birthday.

When asked why they are opening on that date, they responded: “That’s the day when hope was born”. This is such a moving and important tribute to J-Hope which shines a light on mental health issues that so many people face.

BTS is constantly highlighting mental health issues through their interviews and their music. Suga has discussed struggling with mental health in the past.

BTS Suga Struggles With Depression Over His Appearance

They have been thanked by Mental Health America for their efforts in raising awareness about mental health.

Mental Health America Thanks ARMY For Being Outstanding Advocates

Some of their music, notably “Sea” really exemplifies what it’s like to be going through a tough time mentally.

Source: Taebokkiii


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