Missed Opportunity? Brave Girls’ Contract Is Close To Expiry And Fans Are Anxious About The Group’s Future

Is the miracle over for them?

2021 came as a blessing for Brave Girls when their 2017 song “Rolling” unexpectedly rose to the top of the charts in Korea. The group debuted in 2011, but this was their first true career hit.

The popularity of “Rollin” brought quite some attention to the group, and they released their 5th mini-album repackage after We Ride shortly after. In June 2021, they made another comeback with the Summer Queen EP. With the new releases, Brave Girls cemented their position in the industry and bagged several brand endorsements and shows.

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But now fans are anxious that the members’ career has hit a brake and their contract expiry is knocking on the door. The group began their US tour in July 2022, shortly after their South Korea dates were postponed because of COVID-19. Korean fans have since been asking for more information regarding when to expect the concert to be rescheduled, but the group’s label, Brave Entertainment, has not responded in any manner.

Brave Entertainment Is Facing Widespread Backlash From Fans Of Brave Girls

The agency also seems to have no clear plan for the future activities of the group, given how their recent YouTube updates only included new year’s greetings and behind-the-scenes content. Fans cannot help but feel the company is deliberately keeping Brave Girls inactive, given that the members have expressed their wish to continue as a group.

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Even non-fans feel that the label is putting an axe to its own feet, and many are in support of the idea that the group should re-debut under a different company in case Brave Entertainment keeps up with its radio silence.

| @issuefeed/YouTube

| @issuefeed/YouTube

  • “Please debut again… They may not get to use the name ‘Brave Girls,’ but I want to see the four of them together for longer.”
  • “I don’t even know how their agency could fumble them this hard, especially with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”
  • “Any failure of Brave Girls is the fault of their company, not for lack of skills… They are truly an example of how limiting smaller agencies can be. I hope that they’re able to transfer to a newer agency and comeback with some good songs.”
  • “I hope they all go to a good agency and make a proper comeback.”
  • “I remember Brave Brothers talking about how much affection he feels towards the group, how hard he was working on producing their songs… but I guess the words of CEOs just can’t be trusted…”

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