Live Show Audience Member Exposes Mnet For Their Evil Editing Of Trainee Ma Jingxiang On “Boys Planet”

Mnet did him dirty.

During the 6th episode of Boys Planet, a moment during practice painted trainee Ma Jingxiang in a bad light. The team was adapting to the song “Rush Hour” by Crush. Their youngest member Takuto was comparatively unskilled as he was a fresh trainee. Team leader Oh Sungmin patiently went through the moves with him as he struggled to learn the choreography. On the other hand, Ma Jingxiang was seen sighing.

Ma Jingxiang ended up putting in earphones to practice by himself while Takuto caught up. Here, the audio voiceover from Ma Jingxiang voiced out, “I was in a rush so I began practicing first.

The editors of the show included flashbacks to the previous challenge where Ma Jing Xiang was seen practicing with the K Group while the G Group team was slower at choreography.

The scene ended with Oh Sungmin lamenting that he needed his team to be more cohesive before anything else.

It was a bad look for trainee Ma Jingxiang to be referred to by the leader as not a team player. Thankfully, a Korean fan who happened to be at the live recording stepped up with the truth.

Ma Jingxiang had actually been one of the members who helped Takuto learn the choreography. The boys mentioned this during the live show but this tidbit was completely edited out by Mnet.

In actuality, during the live show, they said that Ma Jingxiang was the member who helped Takuto with dance… I’m really so angry and incensed.

— @185boy_

Fans also further explained that the clips which Mnet used to accuse Ma Jingxiang of individual practice were probably him trying to learn the moves he found difficult in-between group practices. The clips were highly zoomed in and member Ricky was also off to the side reviewing videos on the iPad.

Those clips were of Jingxiang practicing the parts he was slightly falling behind in by himself while Takuto learnt the dance. I’m so proud of him. Please love this penguin Ma Jingxiang that I’m so proud of.

— @28cheongchun

Looks like the evil editing by Mnet was dispelled by fans once again!

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