MOMOLAND Impress With Their Incredible Performances And Professionalism At “KAMP LA 2022” Despite Multiple Difficulties

Even people who don’t stan MOMOLAND loved their performances.

Despite the immense excitement for KAMP LA 2022, the event ended up more like a nightmare than the once-in-a-lifetime experience fans had hoped for. Multiple artists could not attend the event due to visa issues that the artists’ companies blamed on the KAMP LA 2022 organizers. Many fans were incredibly disappointed since they’d planned on attending specifically for those artists, and the changes in performances were announced last minute.

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There were also issues fans had with spending lots of money on tickets for the event to eventually give tickets away for free. They also voiced frustration for how KAMP LA 2022 banned unofficial merchandise, which fans felt ruined part of the typical K-Pop experience.

Still, despite the terrible organization that even Epik High‘s Tablo called out during his performance, there were also positive moments from the attending artists’ incredible dedication to putting on the best possible performances.

For instance, fans praised Super Junior for how they disregarded the oddly planned fan meeting, creating a hi-touch event of their own that showed off their love of their fans.

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IKON also captured attendees’ hearts, gaining many new fans with their incredible talents and fan service.

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MOMOLAND also gained immense praise from even non-fans for their incredible professionalism and captivating performances.


Recently, MOMOLAND opened up about the pressure they feel performing after having been on the receiving end of intense scrutiny and malicious comments from netizens. According to the members, the struggles the group has endured have hurt their confidence in performing. But despite these struggles, MOMOLAND have always worked hard to give the best possible stages for fans, including at KAMP LA 2022.

Initially, MOMOLAND wasn’t even in the lineup for the first day of KAMP LA 2022, but to make up for the absence of other artists, they were added last minute despite having to perform through jet lag. It also rained during their performance and there were issues with their music. But despite all the difficulties, MOMOLAND gave an incredible performance.

And unfortunately, on the second day of KAMP LA 2022, Ahin couldn’t join the group, but the remaining five members did an incredible job, still making their performance incredibly exciting.

The crowd definitely couldn’t contain their excitement as MOMOLAND performed some of their hit songs, impressing everyone with their energy and talent.

And, as always, the members stunned everyone with their real-life visuals and fan service.

Fans are incredibly proud of MOMOLAND, and it certainly seems like they’ve gained a lot of new fans as well.

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