Mystery Solved: BTS’s V Reveals The Person Who Took His Cutest Dog-Dad Pictures

“Who’s taking these pictures for you?”

On July 17, BTS‘s V graced Weverse and dropped some UWU-worthy pictures of his softest dog-dad moment…

| Weverse

… posing with his precious Pomeranian, Yeontan.

| Weverse

The aesthetic had all ARMYs swooning — though one became curious.

| Weverse

This ARMY asked, “How are you taking these pictures?”

| Weverse

LOL. But now I’m curious. Who’s taking these pictures for you? Could it possibly be you setting up the camera on timer, then posing by looking at Yeontannie with those loving eyes?

— Curious ARMY

… to which, V answered.

| Weverse


— V

Since cleared, ARMYs are even happier to see these pictures — knowing that V is spending quality time with his family!

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Source: THEQOO

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