BTS’s Suga And V Are Both Trying To Get Rid Of The Same Habit

“It’s a habit, like you said. So, it’s not easy to stop.” – Suga

Everybody struggles to kick a bad habit, even BTS‘s members. In fact, right now Suga and are struggling to break the same one!

On April 25, Suga hosted an hour-long Q&A called “AskShoopD” on Twitter to answer fans’ questions. This includes questions about why he was missing from BTS’s photo with Ariana Grande, his fears, hobbies, and more.

One fan asked Suga if he has a habit would like to get rid of. “I bite my nails,” Suga replied. “It’s a habit, like you said. So, it’s not easy to stop. I tried using those medical ointments too, but it’s an ongoing battle.”

Like Suga, V has a nailbiting habit that he wants to break. On April 20, a fan left this comment for V on Weverse: “Oppa, I have a habit of biting my nails. How can I fix it? ㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠ”

In reply, V revealed that he is also a nailbiter. “I have this [habit] too. How do I fix it?”

Some fans were surprised to learn of V’s habit since he isn’t often, if ever, seen biting his nails on camera, and his nails always appear perfectly manicured.

If you have any advice on how to break a nailbiting habit, pass it on to V and Suga!


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