Suga Finally Reveals Why He Isn’t In Ariana Grande’s Photo With BTS

Suga answered this and more in a recent Q&A session.

One of ARMY’s most-asked questions has finally been answered!

On April 25, Suga hosted an hour-long Q&A called “AskShoopD” on Twitter to answer fans’ questions. This includes questions about his music preferences, fears, hobbies, and more.

One fan asked Suga about this group photo with Ariana Grande, taken while BTS was rehearsing for the 2019 GRAMMY Awards. Ever since Ariana Grande posted the photo on her Instagram, fans have been wondering why Suga isn’t in it.

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look who i bumped into at rehearsal :)

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“I honestly had no idea she would come say hi,” Suga wrote, when asked about the photo. “I had something scheduled, so I was away, but I heard she came by… I was surprised when I saw the picture. Had she been there 5 minutes early, I would have been there.”

Ariana Grande with BTS’s dance director Son Sung Deuk.

Mystery solved! Here are 20 more questions Suga answered.

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