Nam Taehyun Will Not Cancel Upcoming Concert Despite His Cheating Controversy

Netizens are furious.

South Club‘s Nam Taehyun came under fire for cheating on multiple women after his girlfriend, singer Jang Jane, called him out on it through Instagram. He had apologized to Jang Jane, the other women, and his fans, but Jang Jane continues to be harassed by his loyal fans.

As a result of the controversy, he had to step down from his musical role and was completely edited out from Radio Star and Studio Vibes.

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However, it appears Nam Taehyun will not be canceling his upcoming solo concert, titled “Scene”. The concert will be held on June 22-23th and 29-30th.

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A representative from the concert production team explained why they will not be canceling the show.

There were other actors to replace Nam Taehyun for the musical and other shows, but this is his solo concert. Since there is no one to replace him, we plan on continuing with the concert as planned.

— Concert Representative

After hearing that Nam Taehyun will not be canceling his show, netizens were furious that he would be brazen enough to continue. They also criticized the fans who allowed him to continue even after cheating on multiple women.

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Source: Osen
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