Fans Spot Evidence That Natty May Re-Debut As A Member Of S2 Entertainment’s Upcoming Girl Group

Fans are both concerned and excited.

Fans have eagerly awaited updates from Natty, and now it seems like the talented singer could be debuting as a part of a girl group.

Natty | @natty_0530/Instagram

Natty first gained attention from the public for her appearance on the JYP Entertainment survival show SIXTEEN. Although she was the youngest contestant, Natty made it to the show’s finals without being eliminated, narrowly missing out on debuting with TWICE.

Natty in SIXTEEN

After SIXTEEN, Natty left JYP Entertainment and competed in Idol School, placing 13th and narrowly missing out on debuting with fromis_9.

Natty in Idol School

Natty later made her solo debut in 2020 under Swings Entertainment, although the idol admitted that initially, she was preparing to debut as part of a girl group.

I was originally preparing to debut with a girl group, but about 5 months ago, they told me to prepare for a solo debut.

I always wanted to make a solo debut one day, but I was surprised that I got to fulfill the dream so quickly.

— Natty

Natty in 2021 | @PLAY_K_ROUND/Twitter

Then in July 2022, Natty signed an exclusive contract with S2 Entertainment leaving fans to wonder what activities the idol might have in the future.

Fans got excited after Natty uploaded photos in a dance practice room | @natty_0530/Instagram

And now that question finally seems to be answered as a new promotional video for S2 Entertainment shows Natty with other trainees, leading fans to believe that they will be debuting as a new girl group.

| @akarihours/Twitter 
| @akarihours/Twitter 

Fans are excited that Natty seems to be actively returning to music.

Although some fans are voicing concerns about S2 Entertainment’s management after HOT ISSUE, also under S2 Entertainment, disbanded after one year of activity.

Still, given Natty’s difficult path toward becoming an idol, fans are incredibly hopeful that it will go well for her if she re-debuts in a girl group.

You can watch the clip here.

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