Nayeon’s Stalker Deletes Initial Response To TWICE’s Live Broadcast, Releases New Statement

He believes Nayeon needs protection from other fans.

After TWICE did a surprise live broadcast last night, the sasaeng fan who has been pursuing Nayeon released a statement on his Twitter account declaring that “JYPE  is trying to scare her” away from him by spreading “fake news“.

He has since deleted his initial response and posted a series of tweets that insist TWICE was not talking about him during their recent live broadcast. He went on to say that “those kids” should stop bothering TWICE and that Nayeon “has to get protected from those annoying kids“.

His statement in full below:

I heard on their recent vlive they said that people keep calling them and have their numbers? I just want to make clear that I never called them & I don’t have any numbers of them. So they are talking about other people, I hope those kids could stop bothering them. Kids like that who actually just bother ‘TWICE’ to gain attention from them are one of the reasons why it’s so hard to reach Nayeon. She has to get protected from those annoying kids. I hope she realizes that I am not one of them. I hope she realizes that I want to make her happy. I’ll go get some sleep now, have a good day/night everyone and thank you to the people who support it, it really means a lot. I hope I can find a way to somehow give my letter & gift to Nayeon privately. (I also hope JYPE doesn’t extort/blackmail her to keep her away from me.)

—Josh, the sasaeng


Source: @YoshTG/Twitter

In addition to stating that he believes JYP Entertainment may extort or blackmail their own artist to keep her away from him, he also previously said that fans are trying to control Nayeon’s private life by trying to keep her away from him.

If he comes into contact with you on social media or in-person during his search for Nayeon, you are encouraged to send all the information possible to so they may investigate and pass the information on to the authorities.