NCT’s Chenle Gets Unexpectedly Real About His Hair Loss, Proving He Is One Of The Most Hilariously Unfiltered Idols

He had the best response for NCTzens.

NCT‘s Chenle has a habit of forgetting his idol image on occasion, which is something that fans have always appreciated about him.

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Chenle is not only a prolific spoiler king, but also someone who often gets unexpectedly real with NCTzens. From reminding fans that they should pursue their own romantic relationships instead of him…

…to hilariously spilling on just how close he really is with SEVENTEEN‘s Jun

…Chenle is the king of keeping things real. In a recent live stream, he once again amused fans by confessing that he had forgotten to buy a ticket to the NCT DREAM concert for Jun. But that wasn’t all he spilled on! He also discussed his hair health—and he was hilariously honest about it.


During the live stream, a fan commented on the state of his scalp. And Chenle being Chenle, he couldn’t help replying in the funniest way.

Like most idols, Chenle’s hair has suffered a lot of damage. He has had considerable hair loss, and it has been a point of concern for fans in the past.

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Yet, according to Chenle, his hair loss is also attributable to genetics. While speaking on the issue during the live stream, he said his father had reassured him that he was not really balding—it’s just that his family tend to have “big foreheads.”

Funnily enough, Chenle was still “considering a hair transplant” before telling NCTzens that he was changing his mind because it was too expensive. And, of course, because he didn’t want to disappoint his dad!

Chenle is far from the first idol to deal with maximum hair damage, but he’s definitely one of the few people who is this open and light-hearted about it. It can certainly be a very sensitive issue since it regards one’s self-image, so fans are even prouder of Chenle for being so honest about it. And of course, they’re proud of how he always looks flawless no matter what.

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