Netizens React To ASTRO’s Rocky And Actress Park Bo Yeon’s Conflicting Response To Their Dating Allegations

“It seems her label is denying it since she’s still new to the industry.”

Previously we reported that ASTRO member Rocky confirmed rumors stating that he was in a relationship with actress Park Bo Yeon, only to have her representatives deny the rumors.

Rocky |

Park Bo Yeon | @parktigger/Instagram

On October 31, ASTRO’s agency Fantagio confirmed in a statement that the two were dating.

Rocky and Park Bo Yeon are currently in the stages of getting to know each other slowly with good feelings.

The two first got to know each other through Find Me If You Can, and since then, Park Bo Yeon and Rocky naturally got close, and she participated in Rocky’s musical works. They recently confirmed their feelings after working together as colleagues.

We are sorry to say this during the national mourning period when we are all sharing this sadness together. As a result, we ask for your understanding that our announcement was delayed.

— Fantagio

Park Bo Yeon‘s agency, Management Koo, then denied the rumors, stating that the two were just close friends.

Park Bo Yeon and Rocky are good friends who worked together on the same show.

— Management Koo

The alleged couple’s mixed response comes after online netizens suspected the two were dating.

Recently, a Twitter user uploaded an alleged photo of Park Bo Yeon waiting in line to use the restroom at Rocky’s musical. The netizen criticized Park Bo Yeon for making it obvious that she’s dating the idol and then criticized Rocky for neglecting fans.

He invites his girlfriend to his musical for the third time and doesn’t even communicate with fans, despite it being the musical’s last show. His girlfriend then chooses to use the restroom full of Rocky’s fans when there are three other restrooms at the show. You guys are really meant for each other.

— Netizen

Further allegations arose when it was discovered that Park Bo Yeon had allegedly narrated ASTRO’s “S#1.” Although in the credits, the artist credit is given to a “Seori,” netizens discovered that Seori’s Korea Music Copyright Association artist code was identical to Park Bo Yeon’s.

Park Bo Yeon’s (top) code is identical to Seori’s (bottom) code | Korean Music Copyright Association


Even after the couple’s response to the allegations, fans found further evidence that the two had been dating. Fans alleged that Rocky had sent Park Bo Yeon a coffee truck with a sweet message, which we reported on earlier.

Bo Yeon, gain strength from this coffee that is filled with love.

— Message on coffee truck

Coffee sleeves that read, “Bo Yeon, I love you.” | theqoo

Despite the evidence and the fact that Rocky had confirmed the dating rumors, Park Bo Yeon’s side maintained their silence about the conflicting response.

Many netizens reacted to the mixed response stating that Park Bo Yeon should just acknowledge her relationship with the idol. While others stated, it was understandable that she didn’t want to date openly in the press.

  • “Why is she denying it when she’s the one that made it so obvious, LOL.”
  • “I’m not a fan, but did she think the fans wouldn’t know if she denied it?”
  • “What’s up with her? I thought you’ll be good to him, LOL.”
  • “She may just not want to date openly. If it were me, I wouldn’t want to. So why did she make it so obvious? It might be that Rocky’s feelings are unrequited.”
  • “It seems her label is denying it since she’s still new to the industry.”
  • “I was a fan, but honestly, they can date and make it obvious all they want, but it’s situations like these that I hate more.”

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Source: Wikitree and Newsen