Netizens Praise NewJeans′ Minji For Her Wise Advice To Hyein

She is already a pro idol.

NewJeansMinji has impressed netizens once again, this time for her thoughtful advice to the group’s maknae Hyein.

| @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

Back in January, all the Newjeans members appeared as guests on Calm Down Man‘s YouTube live broadcast. The interview was full of funny moments and allowed audiences to get to know the group in an unfiltered setting. During their conversation, the host Joo Woo Jae asked them if they were familiar with Calm Down Man‘s livestreams before coming to the show.

Danielle replied that she looked up the channel’s content when she was informed that NewJeans would appear on it. While doing her research, she also learned some internet slang.

Hyein then chimed in, sharing that she recently learned the internet slang “King badnae,” which was coined by Calm Down Man and his viewers. The phrase basically means “pissed off.”

The NewJeans maknae explained, “I first learned about you through ‘king annoying.’ I learned the slang somewhere and used it, and Minji was like…” and Minji jumped in, finishing her sentence, “Do you know where that even came from?” Hyein took her unnie‘s advice and did her research. That’s when she found out that the source of the phrase was Calm Down Man!

The hosts agreed with Minji and said, “She’s not wrong, origin matters. It’s good to be careful…just in case. People are sensitive about it.

In light of the recent controversy around T-ARA member Hyomin using a slang word allegedly associated with the controversial site Ilbe, netizens found Minji’s mindset very mature and admirable.


  • “That was wise of Minji.”
  • “Very wise of Minji~ It’s easy for them to get caught in controversy if they keep using slang words they don’t know the sources of.”
  • “Fact: she didn’t say it with a straight face.”
  • “Sounds wise. Officials and celebrities shouldn’t use those words, whether they mean good or bad things. It’s less troublesome that way.”
  • “She’s wise as well.”
  • “She’s better than us who still use slang like ‘kinged off’ and ‘eojjeoltibi‘ at 25 years old.”