Korean Netizens Erupt With Pride After BTS’s Jungkook Meets Soccer Star Son Heung Min

“A meeting between legends.”

Netizens reacted to BTS‘s Jungkook meeting Tottenham‘s world-class soccer star Son Heung Min.

Jungkook |
Son Heung Min | E Daily

On November 20, FIFA held its opening ceremony for the 2022 World Cup Qatar. And who better to ring in the celebrations than BTS’s Jungkook?

Jungkook showed why he is a world star in his own right, shutting the stage down with his performance in front of a packed stadium crowd.

Jungkook’s incredible stage wasn’t the only highlight of the night. As Jungkook hit centerstage, many fans were also excited about the fact that the Korean megastar met another offstage.

This is because Korean National Team captain Son Heung Min will compete in the tournament despite suffering facial fractures in a previous match. Fans were thrilled for Jungkook that he would be meeting Son Heung Min.

Even more so because Son Heung Min’s has previously revealed he was a fan of the supergroup and applauded the group’s incredible accomplishments.

Son Heung Min |

On November 20, photos of Jungkook meeting the Korean National Team were posted on an online community post. The post titled “Wow, Son Heung Min met Jungkook” revealed a photo of Jungkook with the team.

Son Heung Min (center left) and Jungkook (center) and the Korean National Team | Nate

According to a news report, Jungkook visited the Korean National Team during their practice on November 20. Fans also uploaded photos of Jungkook meeting the National Team’s coach, Paulo Bento.

Paulo Bento (left) and Jungkook (right) | Nate

Jungkook didn’t forget to wish the Korean National Team good luck and wished for their health during the tournament.

Jungkook |

I hope our players don’t get injured (during the tournament).

— Jungkook

Netizens reacted to the meeting, with many stating that it was one between two legends.

  • “This is really a club of Korea’s who’s who.”
  • “I think they both are proud of one another, LOL.”
  • “Wow, it’s a meeting between two world-class Koreans.”
  • “My heart is so full.”
  • “Wow, I can’t believe I’m seeing this crazy meeting.”
  • “A meeting between legends.”

Are you excited about the World Cup? Check out Jungkook’s incredible stage from the night in the link below!

Source: nate and jeon gook maeil shinmun

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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