Here’s All We Know About The Next BL K-Drama That Has Confirmed Two Idols As Their Leads

Are you excited for this one?

With the massive success of Semantic Error, it seems that subsequent dramas are following in its lead. While existing before Semantic Error, the BL (Boys’ Love) genre did not gain widespread traction until 2022. It was catapulted to fame thanks to its stars, DKZ‘s Jaechan and Park Seoham (formerly of KNK).

While other BL web dramas have already been teased, it seems like the next one to star an idol might be the adaptation of the webtoon Comfort The Boy (also known as Shoulder To Cry On). Written by Dongmul, it is your enemies-to-lovers type of read.


Comfort The Boy tells the tale of Da Yeol, who is resting in the nurse’s office one day. He suddenly hears weird sounds from the bed next to his. A curtain separates them, but he pulls the curtain away and sees two boys on the bed, one atop the other. In his shock, the curtain falls, and the nurse runs in at the commotion. One of the boys accuses Da Yeol of having tackled him. Da Yeol is called into the teachers’ office until the boy comes and tells the teacher he has forgiven Da Yeol. Enraged at the lie, Da Yeol gets into a feud with the mysterious boy

The producing team for the show uploaded a notice onto an audition website. They claimed that both leads were confirmed to be played by idols but were still seeking aspiring actors for the other roles. There will be 12 episodes, and they will be broadcast on a streaming platform.

Da Yeol (Left) and his mystery man. | Dongmul

While the main cast has not been announced yet, fans are eagerly anticipating the launch of the drama as it is expected to set precedence regarding both the genre and idols in it.

Source: Nate Pann
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