Here’s How “Nth Room” Sex Abuse Victims Will Be Compensated by the Government

The victims will receive monetary compensation for treatment, living expenses, and education.

The Korean government has decided to compensate the “Nth Room” sex abuse victims with treatment fees, living expenses, and educational expenses.

On April 2, Seoul Central Sexual Assault Special Investigations Task Force announced that they plan to compensate the victims of Telegram’s “Baksa Room” with monetary support that will help them with physical and mental treatment, living expenses and educational expenses.

The victims will be able to be compensated up to 50 million won (~$40,000 USD) for treatment, up to 500,000 won (~$400 USD) per month for living expenses, and in the case that they’re a student, they will be given educational support as well.

In the case that the victims suffered injuries for over 5 weeks, they can receive up to 15 million won (~$12,000 USD) per year, up to 50 million won (~$40,000 USD) total, and even in the case that it was less than 5 weeks, the victims can still quality for psychiatric treatment and psychological consultations.

And for victims that need support with living expenses, the victims will be able to receive 500,000 won (~$400 USD) per month for up to 6 months, and minors will receive educational expenses in order to ensure that they can continue their education.

Furthermore, it was announced that victims who had their identities exposed will be assisted with rental apartments that are cheaper than average, GPS systems, and moving expenses.

It was previously revealed that Telegram‘s “Nth Room” tortured and sexually assaulted underage girls and shared videos of them in the chatroom that took paid subscribers.

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Cho Joo Bin was later revealed to be the main administrator behind the chatroom.

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