Park Yoo Hwan Says Park Yoochun Is Too Scared To Eat Or Sleep Since His Arrest

He relayed a message from Park Yoochun.

JYJ Park Yoochun‘s younger brother, actor Park Yoo Hwan, once again updated their fans by holding a live broadcast on Twitch.


As promised, he visited his brother with his mom. He relayed a message from Park Yoochun, claiming that he wishes to read supportive fan letters during his difficult time.

Park Yoochun wanted me to tell you guys that he wants to read fans’ letters. I told him that a lot of people still support him as always.

— Park Yoo Hwan


Park Yoo Hwan claimed that his brother is too scared of the media that he has difficulty eating or sleeping. With the public heavily criticizing him for his crimes, Park Yoochun has made headlines multiple times over the past few weeks.

He’s afraid of the media. He can’t eat or sleep properly. He usually spends the day reading.

— Park Yoo Hwan


Park Yoo Hwan has been holding a live broadcast nearly every day to talk about his brother. His Twitch is only available for paid subscribers, and he vowed to keep his viewers updated on Park Yoochun until he “returns“.

It’s difficult, but I’ll try to broadcast every day. I’ll let everyone know how he’s doing until he returns.

— Park Yoo Hwan


Meanwhile, Park Yoochun has confessed to using illegal drugs multiple times. He’s been officially arrested and awaits further trial.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

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