Here’s How Police Reacted To Park Yoochun’s Statement Denying Drug Use

They claimed it did not make much sense.

Park Yoochun‘s lawyer recently stated that while drug tests came out positive, Park Yoochun’s statement denying drug use still stands and stated that they are currently looking into how Philopon got into his system.

We cannot deny the test results of the National Forensic Service. Park Yoochun’s position that he did not do drugs is unchanged…we are looking into how Philopon entered his system and was detected through the National Forensic Service test (when he didn’t do the drugs).

ㅡ Park Yoochun’s laywer


In response to the statement, one police officer stated that Park Yoochun’s statement makes no sense.

The statement is essentially the same as the statement by singer A, who got into a 3-car rear-end collision driving under the influence in 2005 and stated ‘I drove after drinking but I didn’t drive under the influence of alcohol.’

ㅡ Police officer


Another police affiliate stated their opinion about Park Yoochun’s statement, explaining that it seems likely that he is lying.

If he continues to deny using drugs, it may seem less convincing so I think he is denying his charges more strongly by having his lawyer make such a statement. There was no statement by Park about ‘how Philopon got into his system’ during the investigation process, so this can only be seen as Park’s lie.

ㅡ Police affiliate


The police added that Park Yoochun was the first person to deny charges after receiving a positive drug test from the National Forensic Service.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is currently participating in an investigation that will determine whether or not his arrest warrant will be issued.

Source: News1

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