Park Yoochun Has Become A Suspect In Hwang Hana’s Drug Case

Here’s why:

Park Yoochun denied all accusations relating to Hwang Hana’s drug case at a recent press conference, but the police have booked Park Yoochun as a suspect.

On April 10, SBS 8 O’Clock News reported that Park Yoochun will be summoned for questioning as soon as the police secure evidence. The police have requested a telecommunications warrant on April 9 and are planning to take a look at the CCTV footage from around the location Hwang Hana stated as the place she and Park Yoochun took drugs. They will also be collecting evidence from the Hwang Hana’s submitted cell phone.


While Park Yoochun recently held a press conference stating that he has never done drugs before and is not the “celebrity friend” Hwang Hana mentioned, Hwang Hana had claimed otherwise. She stated that Park Yoochun was an accomplice of her drug crime and claimed that she began using drugs again last year because of Park Yoochun.

I took Philopon for the first time in 2015 and quit but began again last year after Park Yoochun recommended it to me.

ㅡ Hwang Hana


If the telecommunications warrant is granted, the police will be able to find out where, when and with whom Park Yoochun spoke with on the phone and this will determine whether or not he will be charged with drug crime.

Park Yoochun vs. Hwang Hana's Scandal