Park Yoochun Reportedly Waxed And Bleach Hair Ahead Of Drug Tests

Police suspect it was done on purpose.

On April 17, police began searching JYJ Park Yoochun‘s private home to collect evidence including biological evidence after receiving a warrant for his drug allegations.

During the search, however, it was confirmed that Park Yoochun had waxed most of his body hair and bleached his hair multiple times as well.


In February, Park Yoochun was seen with a light reddish-brown hair color, which was later bleached to a red color last month when he showed up at the Kimpo International Airport.

Bleaching hair is a tactic that many celebrities including Hwang Hana and television personality Robert Holley have used in the past to reduce traces of drugs before taking drug tests.


Police suspect that Park Yoochun had attempted to destroy evidence (of drug use) through waxing and bleaching his hair. Park Yoochun has claimed, however, that he regularly waxes his hair before holding concerts, etc.

When I have schedules such as concerts, I wax (my body hair).

ㅡ Park Yoochun


As a result, the police took samples from his hair and leg hair and sent it to the National Forensic Service for analyzation. The police have stated that hair samples generally reveal traces of drugs that have been taken within the past year but clarified that more information about Park Yoochun’s case cannot be disclosed at the moment.

When body hair including the hair on the head is evaluated by the National Forensic Service, we can generally uncover drug use within the past year. We cannot disclose detailed iformation about Mr. Park as the investigations are still ongoing.

ㅡ Police


Meanwhile, Park Yoochun became a suspect in Hwang Hana’s drug case after she claimed that she used drugs with him. He has since held a press conference denying all allegations but soon after, police found substantial evidence that he may have been involved, eventually leading to the release of his warrant.

Source: Yonhap News

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