Pink Sweat$ “Would Love To” Collaborate With BTS, Especially Jimin

They’re fans of each other!

Could BTS‘s Jimin and American R&B artist Pink Sweat$ be collaborating?

Pink Sweat$ | @realpinksweats/Twitter

The lineup for the 2022 Seoul Jazz Festival was recently announced. It will be the first one held in three years. It will take place from May 27 to 29 on a single stage in Bangi-dong, Seoul. One of the artists scheduled to perform is Pink Sweat$. 

Fans were excited to see his name included. Still, ARMYs were hopeful that since he would be in Seoul that perhaps he could meet up with BTS’s Jimin for a collaboration.

The reason why is that Jimin has spoken about Pink Sweat$ on multiple occasions. When asked what other artists he listens to, he has responded saying Pink Sweat$.

Likewise, Pink Sweat$ is always included in Jimin’s playlists.

So, Pink Sweat$ noticed the ARMY’s tweet and responded via quote-tweet. He said that he “would love to work” with not only Jimin but the entire group!

This is actually not the first time Pink Sweat$ has responded to ARMYs’ tweets regarding a potential collaboration with Jimin. He always responds to posts related to the BTS member.

| Twitter
| Twitter

He’s also shared a video of Jungkook singing his song “At My Worst” before!

He’s got love for all the members!

Since Pink Sweat$’s latest response, ARMYs are even attempting to get Jimin’s attention! If he knew that Pink Sweat$ was open to a collab, it would surely happen, wouldn’t it?

We certainly have hope for the collaboration since the feeling is mutual here between Pink Sweat$ and Jimin! Like all of us, Pink Sweat$ is a K-Pop fan. He’s even already collaborated with other idols before. Most recently, he has collaborated with Somi and GOT7‘s BamBam.

So, it’s only a matter of time until we get Jimin x Pink Sweat$!

Source: @realpinksweats

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