What Has RAVN Been Up To Since Leaving ONEUS Amid Gaslighting And Cheating Allegations?

His KOMCA ID has answers.

In October 2022, allegations of gaslighting and cheating were made against the now-former member of ONEUS, RAVN, by an account claiming to be an ex-girlfriend.


In a multiple-tweet Twitter thread, the anonymous user shared their alleged dating experience with the idol, stating that he cheated on the user multiple times and gaslit her into staying with him and spending money on him.

The user also included proof of her claims, including sound files and a video clip of Ravn allegedly coming to her door for several months.

A video posted by the OP allegedly showing Ravn waiting outside her door on multiple occasions over several months. | @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter

After RBW announced there would be an investigation done, RAVN voluntarily withdrew from the group, with ONEUS continuing as a 5-member group.

Around five months after the accusations were made and his alleged girlfriend shared that she would be taking legal action, RAVN shared his first updates, posting on Instagram and sharing six songs and short music videos on YouTube.

Clip from Ravn’s song 살아보니 (Bye Bye Bye) | 김영조/YouTube

Since then, he has sporadically posted on Instagram moments of his life, but many have wondered if he will officially continue his idol career at some point. RBW has not made any additional announcements, but netizens have discovered another path RAVN has continued since his departure.

While in ONEUS, RAVN participated in the production side of several tracks and appeared in each track’s KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) listing.


When searching his unique artist number, a newly released track titled “Down (Juicy Juicy)” by Jo Yu Ri appears. The song is part of the K-Drama See You In My 19th Life‘s OST.

| tvN

While the number is the same, it seems RAVN has changed his name in the system to RV and worked on this track as an author and composer.


This is the newest listing under his unique identification number, but only time will tell if he will continue songwriting under this slightly different name.