Red Velvet Fans Criticize The Stylists For Members’ Recent “Ugly” Outfit Choices

It’s not their first time.

Red Velvet recently attended the Re:memver Party, where they hosted a special live broadcast with fans. Although the fans were more than excited to see the girls, they were less than happy with the stylists’ choice of outfits.


The members were dressed in a variety of styles, including from bold colors, velvet, sleeveless dresses, satin, checkers, and more.


After seeing the girls’ outfits, fans and netizens began criticizing the stylists for a poor choice of outfits.


This isn’t the first time fans were unhappy with the stylists’ choices. The fans criticized the girls’ outfits as “old-lady-like“, “tacky“, “too revealing” and more.


It’s hard to say if the girls look bad or not in these outfits because their visuals shine right through!

Source: Nate Pann

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