BTS’s Millionaire RM Forgot That He’s Rich…Again

His inner “broke rookie” jumped out again.

Welcome to another episode of “BTS Haven’t Checked Their Bank Accounts Since 2013″!

In just seven years, these humble kings went from broke rookies to superstars, but you’d never know it just by watching them.

They’re the chillest millionaires you’ve never met, and they still know how to work a side hustle!

Usually, Jin is the member who jokes about selling BTS’s stuff to make a quick buck, but it appears that RM has been taking lessons from his hyung. 

In Episode 106 of Run BTS!, BTS received packets of the photos they took while playing water sports in Episode 85.

While Jungkook was admiring the photos’ aesthetic, RM joked about selling them!

Side hustler Jin had only this to say; “If it’s sold on an online secondhand shop, it’s Namjoon.” 

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