Ryan Reynolds Names Stray Kids’ Bang Chan His “New Favorite Australian” And Has A Special Gift And Request For Him

We’re not the only ones whipped for Bang Chan!

Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds recently personally responded to Stray Kids‘ performance on Kingdom, sending fans into a tizzy. Not only were more locals looking up the talented group because of the shoutout Reynolds gave to the band, but also a special surprise came in the form of a tweet.

Reynolds personally signed an autograph for Bang Chan, after finding out that Bang Chan was a huge fan of himself. He promises to send it out soon. However, he also sweetly asked for Stray Kids’ autograph in return! Not only that, but he also named Bang Chan as his “New Favorite Australian“. What a huge honor!

Now, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan has been a long-time fan of the hero himself. Bang Chan even declared how happy he was that Reynolds, his role model, noticed him!

Perhaps, we might see the two on screen, together, very soon? We’d love to see a little Deadpool duo! Congratulations to both Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds for being successful fans. Also, psst, Ryan Reynolds, if you’re reading this, here’s a list of reasons to absolutely love Bang Chan even more.

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