Se7en preparing for a comeback with his first album in over 4 years

After four years and 2 months since the release of a last album in February 2012, solo artist Se7en will finally be making a comeback!

On February 14th, Star News reported Se7en is currently immersed in gathering songs for his new album with an expected release date for mid-April. It is further noted that while this may not be a full album, the release will most likely be that of a mini-album.

This year, Se7en is celebrating his 13th year as a singer.

Se7en entered the military services in March 2013, returning in to the public in December 2014. Additionally, his contract with YG Entertainment was mutually not renewed as Se7en went on to create his own agency, ELEVEN9. Since then, he has been holding events in Japan as well as appearing in his first musical Elizabeth.

Look forward to his new mini-album expected in April!

Source: Star News