S.E.S’s BADA Shows Her Appreciation For Aespa’s “Dreams Come True” With A Cover Of Her Own

BADA loved aespa’s “Dreams Come True” as much as the rest of us!

Aespa released their version of their SM Entertainment sunbaes (seniors in the industry) S.E.S‘s “Dreams Come True” as a pre-release for 2021 Winter SMTOWN : SMCU EXPRESS.

aespa’s “Dreams Come True” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

The remake included production and choreography from soloist BoA, and aespa truly made the song their own, bringing their heavenly vocals and the new choreography to captivating stages.

aespa performing “Dreams Come True” | MBCkpop/YouTube 

The remake of “Dreams Come True” was a success and received immense popularity.

There have even been covers of aespa’s rendition, with Kep1er performing a “chaotic cover” recently on Weekly Idol.

Kep1er dancing to aespa’s “Dreams Come True” on Weekly Idol | ALL THE K-POP/YouTube 

But in return for aespa’s incredible cover of their song, S.E.S member BADA (also known as Sea) took to YouTube to express her appreciation and share a cover of her own.

Previously the talented idol had covered their popular song “Next Level.” Some netizens even thought she sounded incredibly similar to aespa’s Ningning.

S.E.S’s BADA covering aespa’s “Next Level” | BADA/YouTube 

But this time, the idol uploaded a cover of aespa’s “Savage” to her YouTube channel.

S.E.S’s BADA covering aespa’s “Savage” | BADA/YouTube 

BADA’s vocals are incredible in the cover, especially her killer high notes.

| BADA/YouTube  

And, touchingly, BADA pinned a comment to the video dedicating the cover to her hoobaes (juniors in the industry).

“I decided to sing it with a heart of gratitude for my hoobaes aespa, who remastered ‘Dreams Come True’ amazingly.”

You can watch BADA’s cover here.