Police Officially Begin Investigation On Seungri’s Police Uniform

The costume rental shop denied lending Seungri the costume.

An employee of the costume rental shop, Gagsital, reported to the police to participate in investigations on the police uniform that Seungri was wearing in one of his photos.


The police asked the employee questions about their special costumes and whether the police uniform was lent to Seungri or not.

We completed police investigations on March 25. They asked if we violated the ‘regulations on police uniforms and police equipment’. You cannot rent special uniforms like police uniforms without submitting documents. The police uniform Seungri wore had a name tag. Name tags are not part of the costume rental. The photo that exists on our web page was taken in 2008. We do not offer it currently.

ㅡ Gagsital employee


On November 25, 2014, Seungri shared an image of himself wearing a police uniform on his social media account. It has been deleted recently. The photo has caused netizens to suspect Seungri’s ties to the police and even speculate that the uniform in the photo may belong to Superintendent Yoon.

Netizens Suspect Seungri Deleted Instagram Pictures To Hide His Connection To The Police


Then on March 23, Seungri stated that he rented the uniform from a costume rental shop called Gagsital. On March 25, a reported to Sports Kyunghyang, stating that Seungri’s argument was correct and sent a screenshot that showed a superintendent uniform and insignia in the process of being rented.

The police uniform can be rented on the Gagsital web page through mobile.

ㅡ Source


In response to the screenshot, the Gagsital employee explained that special uniforms such as the police uniforms cannot be sent through quick service and an ID card must be submitted before lending them out.

The police uniform is not one that is rented out often so we have not specialized the purchasing process. It’s the same as other rental purchases. But we cannot send the special uniforms through parcel service and customers must submit an ID card, a scenario for dramas/films or a telescript for advertisements before we can lend them out. The purchaser (in the screenshot) has not made a deposit. They are wrong in that you can rent/purchase a police uniform through mobile.

ㅡ Gaksital employee


The employee then stated that they currently have about 20 police uniforms that were purchased through official procedures and stated that they do not lend them out even if it is a celebrity that visits.

At Gagsital, we have about 20 police uniforms purchased through official procedures. We do not lend it out even when celebrities visit. If (Seungri) had rented it, I hope he can show a card payment or bank transfer statement.

ㅡ Gaksital employee

Source: Sports Kyunghyang