Key Reveals How He Got SHINee’s Legendary Song “View” To Use Jonghyun’s Lyrics

The lyrics were not originally written by Jonghyun.

In a recent episode of MMTG on YouTube, SHINee appeared to talk about the songs that they consider are so legendary that it could be forgiven if they made another comeback.

And while discussing one of the contenders, “View”, which was released in 2015, Key‘s particular love for it was revealed.

Key Hyung loves that song.

— Taemin


In response, Key explained why that is.

I liked how the combination of the melody and accompaniment sounded like something you would hear at select shops.

— Key

And Jaejae also added praise regarding the lyrics.

There’s also the fact that the lyrics are still not outdated to this day.

— Jaejae

That’s when Key revealed a surprising secret behind the lyrics for “View”.

The lyrics weren’t actually written by Jonghyun.

— Key


Then he went to explain how he got the song to use Jonghyun’s lyrics instead.

There were already lyrics, but when I heard Jonghyun’s lyrics, I just knew those were it. So I called and asked, ‘Don’t you think Jonghyun’s lyrics are so much better?’

— Key

As a result, the lyrics are now what we all know to be that of the legendary song, “View”.

And that’s why Key especially loves the song.

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Watch the full revelation below:

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