A Shocking And Disturbing Burning Sun Staff Group Chat Has Surfaced

There are no words for how disgusting this is.

This scandal involving the Burning Sun nightclub seems to be getting worse and worse every day as new information emerges.

Dispatch, a Korean news outlet, managed to gain access to a group chat where staff openly talked about the drugging and raping of women. They use code words and evaluate potential victims before drugging them.

One conversation leaked by Dispatch revealed some of the code words used by the club’s staff. A “snail” appears to be a woman who is not necessarily attractive but is an easy target. “Hitting a home run” appears to be a successful drugging and raping of a victim.

Managing Director (MD) 1: “The VIP room is looking for a mulge (attractive woman)”
MD 2: “Okay, I will look for one”
MD 1: “Hurry up and help me find one”
MD 1: “We don’t need one anymore, just find someone who looks out of it”
MD 2: “I’ll look for a snail then”
MD 1: “Help me hit a home run”

Another conversation involved staff watching sex occur in the VIP room while recording it. They were unable to verify if this sex was consensual but can confirm that the video was passed around among staff members.

Director A: “Look in that room now. They’re having sex”
MD 1: “How can you see that?”
MD 2: “Wow it’s true”

The final leaked conversation shows one of the directors orchestrating a “home run”. One of the MDs suggests settling for an unconscious girl instead of chasing a more attractive, more conscious woman while a director orders the guards to keep men away from a girl he’s trying to pick up.

MD 1: “This woman’s passed out”
Director A: “Her skirt’s up”
MD 2: “Great body but messed up face”
Director C: “I only care about top quality ones”
Director A: “The woman in table O doesn’t look to be in good condition, take her out”
Guard 1: “Got it”
Director B: “Someone is hitting on the mulge I am trying to pick up. Get a guard on them”
Guard 2: “Got it. I have it taken care of”

Apparently, when a VIP is successful in their rape of a woman, they are more likely to come back to the club. For this reason, MDs often supply VIPs with date rape drugs to assist them in hitting “home runs”.

This scandal continues to worsen and has many branching controversies. First, an assault victim started a petition to the Blue House appealing for an investigation into the club. Seungri is an executive director of the club and was at the location on the night of the assault but left a few hours before it happened, he has released a statement regarding the controversies. Separate from the physical assault case is a sinister culture of drugging and a rape that occurs in the club, with date-rape drugs being used and rape being witnessed.

Source: Dispatch (1) and (2)

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