“Single’s Inferno 2” Couple Choi Jong Woo And Shin Seul Ki Go Public With Their Relationship, Making It Instagram Official

They’re actually still dating?!

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It’s been nearly a week since Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno 2 aired its finale, revealing three couples leaving the deserted island.

Lee So E (left) and Kim Se Jun (right) | Netflix

But since the show is filmed long before viewers ever see it, not all couples last by the time Single’s Inferno is aired. So, viewers are curious to see the cast update…

OTP Kim Se Jun and Lee So E recently made their relationship Instagram official. Even his friends have shown their support for the couple.

Viewers also suspect that Jo Yoong Jae and Choi Seo Eun are still together based on some Instagram activity.

Yet, the most surprising couple this season, Choi Jong Woo and Shin Seul Ki, might be the most obvious with their relationship.

While Seul Ki did not originally show much interest in Jong Woo, he liked her since the moment they met and never showed any interest in other women. Finally, his patience and love were recognized, and Seul Ki chose him out of three men.

Choi Jong Woo (left) and Shin Seul Ki (right) | Netflix

Viewers have been suspicious these Jong Woo and Seul Ki remained a couple. While they were separated during filming of Netflix’s reunion videos in which the cast watched and reacted to Single’s Inferno 2, their responses to each other on TV appeared like a significant other. Seul Ki even expressed her concern when she realized Jong Woo would have to watch scenes of her on dates with other men.

Now, Jong Woo and Seul Ki have seemingly confirmed their relationship status by going public with it on Instagram.

The piano major recently shared a video of her showing off her skills. She proved not only to be incredibly talented, but fans couldn’t help but notice a man’s reflection in the piano.

It appeared that the person recording Seul Ki might have been Jong Woo. The outfit certainly matches one of Jong Woo’s…

There has been some debate, though, regarding if it’s really him since Seul Ki said the video is behind-the-scenes from her introduction video in Episode 3. However, those clips can be filmed after the entire cast leaves Inferno. So, if she and Jong Woo were truly dating, he could have been with her on that filming day.

If there was still any question regarding where Jong Woo and Seul Ki stood in terms of dating. He confirmed it with an adorable post…

Jong Woo uploaded a photo of photobooth prints featuring him and Seul Ki. It appears that they went on a fun date!

Now, we’re just anticipating Seul Ki’s graduation, featuring his coffee truck to celebrate!


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