“Single’s Inferno 2” Fans Are Shipping Lee Nadine And Shin Dong Woo More Than Ever After The Series Finale

Could their story not be over yet?

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Single’s Inferno 2 fans are shipping contestants Lee Nadine and Shin Dong Woo more than ever.

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When Single’s Inferno 2 first premiered, it seemed like these two would be the OTP. Dong Woo seemed very interested in Nadine, always putting forth an effort to include her in conversations.


Naturally, they sent each other postcards based on first impressions. He made reference to their conversation about working out and sports by writing, “We should work out together sometime,” while she wrote him, “Purple looks good on you!!”


The next day, Dong Woo and Nadine up for a conversation. He confirmed our theories that he did care about Nadine…


Nadine apologized for her short answers from the day before and thanked him for helping her be more comfortable. But when the topic of going to Paradise was brought up, Nadine said going there was not her priority.


Dong Woo told her she needed to, though. So, maybe he was still interested…


Nadine added that she would like to go to Paradise if it was with the right person. It would have to be someone she wanted to get to know.


This sparked Dong Woo to mention being interested in more than one person. He started to send mixed messages.


Still, Nadine was only interested in one person at the time. Him.


So, viewers (and even the panelists) were shocked and disappointed when the time came for everyone to choose their first Paradise date, and Nadine was rejected. Dong Woo had chosen Shin Seul Ki instead.


The next time that contestants were given the option to choose their Paradise date, Nadine chose Dong Woo again. This time, he chose her too.


Viewers were happy for Nadine to go to Paradise finally. Yet, they did not like Dong Woo after he chose another woman before. Everyone agreed Nadine was “too good for him.” 

During the Paradise date, it turned out they had a lot in common. Nadine aspired to be in the same profession as Dong Woo. He also empathized with her, having lived in the U.S.

Still, Dong Woo chose Seul Ki in the finale. He did stop by Nadine briefly on his way, though. He said it was nice meeting her and she was a “wonderful person” in English before hugging her.


Since the finale, it seemed like these two were surprisingly close.

During the cast’s reunion, when they reacted to Single’s Inferno 2, Nadine playfully called Dong Woo out for “tricking her.” 

Despite their complicated love line on the show, they have actually since spent time together. Dong Woo and Nadine were spotted with Season 1 contestant Kim Jun Sik.

Nadine also teased her followers when she showed her list of questions she would include in an upcoming Q&A. She chose a question about Dong Woo.

Before then, an interview with ELLE Singapore was released where Nadine exposed the heavy editing of Single’s Inferno 2. She communicated that while her date with Dong Woo appeared serious, they actually had a great time together.

Dong Woo and Nadine’s most recent interactions was when she unexpectedly joined his and Jo Yoong Jae‘s Instagram Live. The men were out camping, and she had been doing homework when they went live. Dong Woo encouraged Nadine to call Yoong Jae “uncle,” while she referred to Dong Woo as “friend.”

Dong Woo spoke mainly in English, making her comfortable. But he continued to tease her, which some could interpret as flirting.

So, it was no surprise Nadine picked Dong Woo when they asked her who she was more comfortable with.

Clips from the Instagram Live are going viral, and fans can’t deny Dong Woo and Nadine’s chemistry.


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We’re happy that they at least remained friends after the show!

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