“Single’s Inferno 2” Sleeping Beauty: Even Kim Se Jun Is In On The Joke

He’s self-aware!

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Kim Se Jun might have joined Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno 2 later in the season, but he surely stole the show…

Kim Se Jun | Netflix

And sometimes, simply just by doing nothing.


He made a great first impression when he was sleeping soundly, all while the rest of the men were awake, talking. The panelists even had to wonder if he was receiving an IV.


Let’s also not forget how he sat up abruptly when he was woken up and instantly put sunglasses on (indoors).

It wouldn’t be the last time we saw Se Jun sleeping soundly while everyone else was active. Sometimes, you can spot him in bed during scenes in the men’s tent.

And we have to respect the fact that he willingly was the first to “give up” during the men’s game so that he could sleep instead.

Moments like these made viewers love him even more, besides the fact that he treated Lee So E so well. He was relatable AF.

Of course, Se Jun had no shame in resting whenever he had free time. Yet, he is also quite self-aware of his reputation.

Se Jun reposted a screenshot from his friend/coworker at brand Ascottage, calling him out for “lying down again.”

| @asser__kim/Instagram

Lying down again…
I hope you enjoy your date without any regrets until the end.

— @mrleegent/Instagram

Shortly after, Se Jun also reposted a photo posted by fellow contestant Lee Nadine. He appeared to be sleeping on their way back from Inferno, and he was even resting on So E’s bag.


Even sleeping here…after filming.

dis man be sleeping 24/7

— Lee Nadine

Nadine wasn’t the only one of his costars calling him out for sleeping. Park Se Jeong posted a photo of him sleeping on the set of their recent reunion/photoshoot. This time, he even responded with an additional comment…


Park Se Jeong: Oppa, you’re sleeping again?

Kim Se Jun: I really am too much, a guy like me

Lastly, he shared a hilarious fan edit. It depicted him as Sleeping Beauty. Yet, he shared the cutest message with it.


I really am just winging life. I express my thanks to the person that took the time to make this.

— Kim Se Jun

Se Jun might sleep the most of all contestants, but he is also the funniest of all!

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