“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Se Jun Has No Filter When He’s With Co-Star Kim Jin Young

His bestie brings out a different side to him!

We all know Single’s Inferno 2 star Kim Se Jun as the handsome and charming gentleman…

Lee So E (left) and Kim Se Jun (right) | Netflix

But when he’s with co-star Kim Jin Young, he has no filter!

“Single’s Inferno 2” cast | @shinseulkee/Instagram

Recently, the two have been displaying their friendship with live broadcasts and public hangouts

“Single’s Inferno 2” Co-Stars Kim Jin Young And Kim Se Jun Is The Unexpected Bromance We Didn’t Know We Needed

Now, the two have collaborated on Jin Young’s YouTube channel, where he is known as DEX.

Kim Jin Young (left) and Kim Se Jun (right) | @dex101/YouTube

Since Se Jun works at Oh Jin Taek‘s tailor shop and clothing brand ASCOTTAGEit was only appropriate that the video be focused on fashion. So, the two styled each other, and chaos ensued.


When Jin Young came out in Se Jun’s outfit, he couldn’t help but admire how “cute” he looked. Even before Jin Young put on the outfit, Se Jun knew Jin Young would look adorable!


Jin Young, in fact, looked so “cute” that Se Jun confessed that if the cameras weren’t on, he would have “kissed” Jin Young! We can’t blame him.

If we weren’t shooting, I would’ve given him a kiss.

— Kim Se Jun


Later, when Se Jun appeared in the outfit Jin Young chose, he was uncomfortable. He admitted he felt “naked.”


So, Jin Young asked if he normally does not wear jeans like that and why. Se Jun explained that his “d*ck is uncomfortable,” much to Jin Young’s shock and amusement.


Later, the two shared a “bromantic” moment. Jin Young wondered why his outfit felt “feminine,” so Se Jun showed that he tied a knot around his waist, creating a moment straight out of a K-Drama!


When you’re with your bestie, no topic is off-limits! Besides, Se Jun is effortlessly funny. We saw a few moments of this during Single’s Inferno 2. Read more below.

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Watch the full chaotic video below.

Source: DEX101

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