“Single’s Inferno 3” Is Coming: Here’s What It Takes To Become A Part of Korea’s Hottest Dating Show

You might be on “Single’s Inferno 3!”

Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno became an instant hit when it premiered in December of 2021.

Since then, it has had its second season, which concluded earlier this year, and now Netflix is already planning Season 3. It was announced that Single’s Inferno 3 was greenlit.

So, of course, the search for a new set of singles is on.

Based on Season 2, it appeared that Netflix found a number of its contestants through previous ones. For example, Season 2’s Shin Seul Ki knew Season 1’s Shin Ji Yeon through a pageant that they were finalists.

Shin Seul Ki and Shin Ji Yeon among finalists

Likewise, Season 2’s Kim Se Jun works for Season 1’s Oh Jin Taek at the tailor shop Ascottage.

Recently, a Reddit user surprisingly revealed that a contestant from a popular Korean dating show had referred him to producers despite him being gay and a White American, and netizens quickly realized he was referring to Lee Nadine and Single’s Inferno. So, theories were correct in that previous contestants referred their friends.

Lee Nadine | Netflix

Nadine’s friend was actually sent an offer to be part of Single’s Inferno 3, and he accepted it. But that doesn’t mean that Netflix has finalized their Single’s Inferno 3 cast yet. Actually, they’re actively searching for more.

| @brgrantjr/Reddit

Netflix Korea updated its Instagram on March 6. A casting call was posted, encouraging “hot singles” to apply.

Looking for hot singles to join us in the hottest inferno in the world for ‘Single’s Inferno 3’.

— Netflix Korea

Anyone can apply to be considered for a role in Single’s Inferno 3 by using the link in Netflix Korea’s Instagram bio.

The application asks for all the basic information, such as your name, birth date, gender, occupation, contact, and location.

| Google

Application for participation in the program
Startup Company intends to collect and use the following personal information for the purpose of selecting performers for the dating program (Single’s Inferno 3), which is to be produced by Startup Company and serviced through Netflix.
Please read carefully and decide whether to agree or not.

– Recipient of information: Startup Company
– Purpose of collection and use: Selection of cast members
– Items to be collected and used: Items listed below
– Retention and use period: Use for selection of performers, disposal after selection
– There may be disadvantages, such as the right to refuse consent and the selection of cast members to be restricted in case of refusal of consent.

※ For other inquiries, please send them to the email address below.


— Application


Yet, it also asks for additional details, such as your email address, social media information, and, of course, whether you’re currently in a relationship or not. This is all to verify whether you are a good fit for a dating show.


Also, if you remember, we found out later that Kim Jin Young, Lee So E, and even Lim Min Su appeared in other shows prior to Single’s Inferno 2. Well, the application form also asks if you have ever appeared on other shows, including television and online.

Lee So E in “The Glory.” | Netflix

is this her? i looked through the cast and they dont mention nam-jins family but it looks a lot like her to me, lmk what u guys think tho about her charcter in general! @just smile #singlesinferno #netflix #kdrama #thefabulous #singlesinferno2 #fyp

♬ WHY YALL GATS TO LIEEE – Ari.edditss

Still, that’s not all. When filling out the application, you must explain why you are interested in participating in Single’s Inferno.


Finally, you must include two pictures: one default picture of just your face and then a full body shot. Since it’s a dating show, it also relies on visuals.


Before this, you probably thought that Single’s Inferno only cast Korean singles, but considering one of Nadine’s friends recently confirmed his casting, it doesn’t hurt to try applying!

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