“Single’s Inferno” Kim Hyun Joong Gets Real About “Evil Editing” And His True Personality

Here’s what happened behind the scenes.

On reality TV, “real” isn’t necessarily true. Kim Hyun Joong is opening up about his time on Netflix‘s dating show, Single’s Inferno, and what went on behind the scenes.

Kim Hyun Joong | @__1126.1/Instagram

On Single’s Inferno, Korean singles mingled on a desert island in the hopes of meeting their perfect match. Hyun Joong was one of several male contestants who hoped to win Song Ji A‘s heart. In the end, he did.

Song Ji A and Kim Hyun Joong | Netflix

For each episode, hours of footage were edited, condensed, and reorganized to create an overarching story consisting of the most engaging highlights. As a result, some cast members received less screen time than others and viewers weren’t necessary given the full picture.

The cast of Single’s Inferno | Netflix & @DrizzyWeeknd/Reddit

For instance, some viewers weren’t fans of Moon Se Hoon and his tireless pursuit of Shin Ji Yeon, but Se Hoon’s co-stars, who spent much more time with him, feel differently.

Cha Hyun Seung and An Yea Won discussing Moon Se Hoon. | An YeaWon/Youtube

During an interview with Maeil Business Newspaper, Hyun Joong addressed rumors about his relationship with Song Ji A. He also shared insight about Single’s Inferno‘s editing.

I knew going in that there would be many scenes that [were heavily edited] could create a specific opinion and misunderstanding about me, but I did not expect such severe malicious comments.

— Kim Hyun Joong

Single’s Inferno is all about romance and games, but not everything was fun in the sun for Hyun Joong. His co-star, Choi Si Hun burned himself while cooking and wore a bandage as a result. This footage was included in the show. On the other hand, Hyun Joong’s health issues were edited out.

Choi Si Hun burned his hand. | Netflix

In addition to the show’s editing, Hyun Joong believes the pain and discomfort he felt contributed to how viewers formed opinions about his personality.

During filming, I dislocated my shoulder and was struggling with other bad health issues overall. Because of those reasons, some of my facial expressions and statements that I said were taken out of context, which is a shame. I shed some tears because of it

— Kim Hyun Joong

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