“Single’s Inferno 2” Choi Jong Woo And Kim Jin Young Admit They Were Envious Of The Other’s Relationship With Shin Seul Ki

“When she’s with him, and when she’s with me, she’s totally different.”

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When the season finale for Single’s Inferno 2 was released, viewers were shocked to see a pairing walk away from the island they never really expected.

Although many viewers had been rooting for Choi Jong Woo after seeing his caring devotion toward looking after Shin Seul Ki, even Jong Woo seemed to be preparing for Seul Ki to select someone else.

Shin Seul Ki | Netflix
The three contestants who chose Seul Ki: Kim Jin Young, Shin Dong Woo, and Choi Jong Woo | Netflix

Like Jong Woo, many viewers suspected that Seul Ki would choose to leave the island with Kim Jin Young. Although viewers noticed some red flags in Jin Young’s behavior, the chemistry between the two was undeniable.

So viewers were caught off guard when Seul Ki selected Jong Woo to leave the island with. In hindsight, viewers have noticed some clues that might have indicated Seul Ki’s final choice.

But it seems that, while viewers and Jong Woo suspected Jin Young was Seul Ki’s obvious choice, Jin Young himself might not have been so certain.

Jong Woo and Seul Ki in the finale | Netflix

In a two-part video uploaded to The Swoon, most of the contestants from the second season gathered together to watch the show together and give viewers insight into their thoughts and experiences.

After watching parts of Jin Young and Seul Ki’s date in Paradise, Jong Woo shared how Seul Ki was “totally different” with her two potential love interests.

Jong Woo: When she’s with him, and when she’s with me, she’s totally different. That’s what I felt.

For Jong Woo, he felt worried because Seul Ki seemed to be more “excited” when she was with Jin Young.

Jong Woo: When she’s with [Jin Young], she looks excited. But when she’s with me, she’s rather lower in energy.

But Jin Young quickly mentioned that he had concerns about how well Jong Woo and Seul Ki got along.

Jin Young: Really? I thought she was low in energy when she was with me. We have opposite perspectives.

For Jin Young, he thought Seul Ki always seemed comfortable and “very happy” around Jong Woo but “looked rather uncomfortable” when she was with him.

Jin Young: When she’s with Jong Woo, she looked very happy. But when she’s with me, she looked rather uncomfortable. She didn’t look that happy.

Jin Young believed that Jong Woo made Seul Ki happier because he “is good at leading the mood.”

Jin Young: I thought I wasn’t good at leading the mood. Whereas Jong Woo is good at leading the mood. She looked happy.

Even during the show, Jin Young expressed this concern by asking Seul Ki what she and Jong Woo talked about since the two of them could never find anything to say.

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So even though viewers thought they had a read on Seul Ki’s thoughts about Jin Young and Jong Woo, it wasn’t an obvious thing for the contestants. And perhaps Jin Young’s comments are further proof of why Seul Ki made her final choice.

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