“Squid Game” Actor Lee Jung Jae’s New Instagram Actually Has A “Matching Handle”… But It’s Not With His Girlfriend’s

Then whose IG is actually matching with his? 🤔

For 28 years since his debut, actor Lee Jung Jae has remained far from all social media…

Actor Lee Jung Jae in “Squid Game.” | @NetflixKR/Twitter

…until recently, he decided to take the plunge and open his own Instagram account—presumably thanks to the global popularity of Squid Game! The brand new account, currently displaying a single selfie as a receipt to prove that it’s actually him, already boasts a whopping 614K followers.

Is this… how I do this…? ^^ #LeeJungJae #SquidGame

— Lee Jung Jae

And while celebrating this grand occasion, long-time Lee Jung Jae fans have noticed something super cheeky about his Instagram handle, @from_jjlee. At the first glance, the username sounds basic and straightforward, to mean updates “from Jung Jae Lee.” But fans believe it’s actually meant to match another Instagram handle…

…the one that belongs to Lee Jung Jae’s best friend of 22 years!

Actor Jung Woo Sung (left) and Lee Jung Jae (right). | Vogue Korea

Actor Jung Woo Sung‘s Instagram handle is @tojws (obviously meaning “to Jung Wo Sung”). Together, their usernames would read, “From Jung Jae Lee to Jung Woo Sung.”

And the actors’ fans simply can’t get enough of how these two best friends have “couplestagram” usernames, whether intended or not!

  • “Oh HA! Okay, fine. We get it. You two have a happily ever after, all right?”
  • “LMAO. This is not what I was expecting but… here we are.”
  • “HAHAHA! This is so funny.”
  • “Man, I need to get myself a bestie who’ll have a matching IG handles with me…”
  • “Whoa, Lee Jung Jae has an Instagram now? I gotta go follow.”
  • “I mean, I knew in my heart that Lee Jung Jae has a girlfriend, but I immediately thought of Jung Woo Sung. And now I’m not sure what to feel because it’s actually matching with Jung Woo Sung’s.”
  • “Why am I not surprised, LOL.”

This eternal brotherhood began when the two met in 1999 through their roles in the K-Movie, City of the Rising Sun. Since then, Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung have been inseparable.

Jung Woo Sung (left) and Lee Jung Jae (right) in 1999’s “City of the Rising Sun” still.

Through various interviews, the two constantly boasted off how close they really are. In fact, they have come to trust each other so deeply that by 2016 they co-founded their agency, the Artist Company.

He and I can read each other’s minds by looking into each other’s eyes. We hang out seven days a week, so… Jung Woo Sung is the more sensitive, detail-oriented one out of the two of us. I’m the braver one.

— Lee Jung Jae in a 2017 Section TV interview

On the other hand, Lee Jung Jae’s girlfriend of seven years—the chaebol heiress Lim Se Ryung of Daesang Foods Group—does not have an Instagram account known to the public.

Lee Jung Jae (left) with his girlfriend Lim Se Ryung (right) in Los Angeles. | Vogue Korea

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