Starship Entertainment Releases Official Statement Regarding Artists’ Lawsuits

Starship will continue to protect their artists to the best of their ability.

In light of all the events that have happened with MONSTA X‘s Wonho and Shownu, Starship Entertainment revealed an official statement online regarding lawsuits.




Hello, this is Starship Entertainment. We want to thank all the fans that have supported and loved our artists. We have stated before that we would be taking legal action towards those that post false information, malicious slurs, sexual harassment, and defamation regarding our artists. It is because of all of the fans’ active support in reporting and monitoring online and social media posts with false information, sexual harassment, defamation that we were able to collect evidence.




We have signed a contract with two law firms and have filed several lawsuits against malicious commenters to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station on July 4. The malicious commenters have been identified through an investigation, and they have gone for prosecution. All suspects will be expected to undergo all legal action and will also be taking civil lawsuits as well.



Also, manipulated photos of MONSTA X’s Shownu are have been distributed online. We will be taking strong legal action to the original distributor of the images as well as other users posting the photos for violating laws regarding sexual violence crimes, civil damage, personal rights. Looking forward, we will make every effort to protect our artists through continuous monitoring to prevent further damage from happening. We will carry out strong legal actions without any agreement to protect our artists. Once again, we thank everyone who has supported our agency and our artists.



Recently, MONSTA X’s Wonho withdrew from the group and has terminated his contract with Starship Entertainment. Wonho was caught up in controversy with Jung Da Eun, who claimed he owed her money. She also revealed that she smoked marijuana with Wonho as well.

Shownu was caught up in rumors that he had an affair with a married woman, to which Starship responded that they were manipulated photos.

Source: theqoo